Woven & Jersey

Mario Bellucci stands out for manufacturing both woven and jersey fabrics in equal measure, making our firm an invaluable asset to the fashion industry.
Our distinctive signature owes its peculiarity to the high quality, reliable promptness and unique customization offered, that contribute to make our customer service the best personalized experience ever.
Moreover, our expert designers’ creativity ensures the creation of targeted collections to meet the ever changing needs of the fast moving fashion business.

Our Families


Perfectly suited for experiencing fall in all its seasonal glory, thanks to the blended combinations and intermediate weight of these colorful and fresh fabrics.


Remarkable visual aspects liven up the fabrics of this collection: stunning three-dimensional weaves and fantasy yarns give life to a dazzling and expressive style.


Not all nylons are created equal: blended with cotton and improved by sustainable and innovative technologies, these technical fabrics are stretchy, comfortable and light.


Designed to keep you warm and cosy without compromising quality and style, these wool and cotton fabrics are refined by exclusive textures, patterns and finishings.


Specially designed to walk you to any cocktail party with style and elegance, these light and fluid fabrics are dramatically enhanced by the glossy and lamé visual aspects.


Creating the ultimate wool blend is an art. These perfectly balanced fabrics arise from the coming together of our expert blenders’ know-how and Italian Renaissance nuances.


Quintessence of class and style, these elegant fabrics are made of the most precious noble fibers in the world and enlivened with exclusive finishings and patterns.


Designed to make your everyday life a winter fairytale, these are the best cold weather fabrics to bundle up with thanks to their warmth, softness and silky-smooth touch.


Ideal to be worn all day and every day for a refined yet comfortable style, these fabrics are marked by calmly animated surfaces and elegant color harmonies.