Our exclusive fabrics are imbued with endless creativity, constant experimentation, ever new inspiration and never ending curiosity for innovation.
Each season our designers create a wide range of one of a kind quality fabrics.
Original combinations of lines, colors and patterns merge to create unique weavings and special finishings that set the mood of our distinctive quality.
Each and every little detail is carefully designed to gracefully blend the notorious Italian assets of elegance and taste with our textile heritage and innovative creativity.

Our Families

We are emotionally attached to our collections and we care so much about them that we call them “Families”.
Every family has a very specific and peculiar pattern, which this year has been set by some of the most famous movies ever.
Our designers have been inspired by the distinctive atmosphere and mood of each film in the creation of these unique families.

 01/ TRANSITION: Intermediate weights and blended combinations.
 02/ VISUELLE: 3D weaves and fantasy yarns.
 03/ SPORT: Not all nylons are created equal.
 04/ LEISURE: Stylish warmth and comfort.
 05/ COCKTAIL: Fluid fabrics with glossy and lamé aspects.
 06/ BLENDED: Union of Italian Renaissance and our know-how.
 07/ LUXURY: Quintessence of class and style.
 08/ KLASSIC: Make your everyday a warm winter fairytale.
 09/ DAILY: To be worn all day and every day.

Mario Bellucci is one of the oldest companies in the Prato textile district: it was founded after World War II, when the textile industry was being restored in Italy.
Nowadays we are a global company managed by the third generation of the Bellucci family that can look back on a rich history spanning over 70 years.
Over time Mario Bellucci had major breakthroughs, thanks to which we are now a company where traditional heritage meets creative innovation to intercept today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s trends.


From the moment our eyes have been opened by GreenPeace on the importance of respecting the environment, we have adjusted our processes and supply chain to give pride of place to sustainability.
Even though we started our path to sustainability one step ahead thanks to Prato’s tradition of recycling and reducing waste, we still have a long way to go.
In order to reduce our impact on the environment, we are gradually replacing every fibre we use with a more sustainable alternative.

Digital Collection

This section contains our entire Fall Winter 22/23 Collection in digital form; a searchable database always at hand.
Our digital collection encloses additional information of the exclusive fabrics that make up our premium families.
In order to gain access to this reserved area, you will need to fill in a form first and you will immediately after receive an email containing the credentials enabling you to access the private area.

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